Quick Update

First, there’s a new stable release of xfdesktop and xfce4-power-manager out.

xfpm gtk3

Xfce4-power-manager in git master has been ported to Gtk3. Lots of work by Simon and Peter on this! You can also see the new system tray icon next to the panel plugin icon. It should function the same as the 1.4.4 with the exception that the LXDE plugin support has been dropped. A dev release will be out shortly.

Consolekit2 is also progressing slowly. The focus for me currently is on porting to GDBus. Once that’s complete and tests out ok, I’d like to look into continuing the multi-seat work of Brian Cameron & Halton Huo. Depending on how much work that is, I may look into doing a stable release before that and working to add the suspend/hibernate work to other Desktop Environments.

There’s always a lot I’d like to work on, just never enough spare time to do it!