ConsoleKit2 is a fork of ConsoleKit I’ve been working for a little while.

My main motivation is because there isn’t currently a standard for system actions like suspend/hibernate anymore. We use these features in Xfce and it would be nice to keep the session manager and power manager in sync (i.e. you inhibit something and the session manager doesn’t see it).

Obviously there’s systembsd in the works, so this is a stop gap until that matures (however long that may be). But I’ll happily continue to maintain and support ConsoleKit2 as long as someone finds it useful.

Anyway, I’ve tried to fix up bugs reported on the old bug tracker (especially ones with patches) and pull in patches that everyone has been carrying around.

The release notes cover what’s done so far:

Feel free to report bugs or feature requests and pull requests are always welcome! You can also sign up to translate the strings.


9 thoughts on “ConsoleKit2”

  1. Glad to hear that some kind soul is putting some work on ConsoleKit.

    Out of curiosity, why start a ConsoleKit2 instead of asking for commit rights on the freedesktop repo?

    Do you plan to merge back to the main ConsoleKit if there’s the opportunity?



    1. Thanks! Hopefully some of the work that gets done with ConsoleKit2 can also indirectly benefit the systembsd project.
      I went with a fork rather than trying to keep the ConsoleKit name/location because of this e-mail from the former maintainer:
      Perhaps I read that e-mail wrong, but it sounds like the previous maintainers didn’t want future work to stay there. I have no issues with that, it just means we have to set it up somewhere else. If I’m wrong then yes, it would be much easier for package maintainers if the code could be merged into ConsoleKit and development could continue there.

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      1. Fair enough. Maybe it would be still worth contacting the freedesktop team and even the old maintainers to see how they see if someone credibly steps up to maintain CK, given that some interest seem to have resurfaced.

        I like systemd, but it’s so refreshing to see someone doing some useful work instead of complaining on HN or reddit. 🙂

        Was CK2 mentioned on such high visibility websites? Doing so may attract some contributors (but I would contact the previous maintainers firts).

        Thank you!


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